Providing you with the technical blueprint for successful systems



Transforming a core technology from an academic success into a valuable commercial platform is fundamental to company growth. It makes sense to review and understand the requirements and capabilities of the technology platform at an early stage, to ensure alignment with business strategy and to define foundations for a robust system in which the company, customers and investors can have the highest confidence


Systems Engineering (SE) is a set of principles and processes which are typically used to guide the construction of complex projects - such as aerospace, manufacturing and software - where functional integrity and the ability to adapt are essential. This well-validated 'technical roadmap' can be simplified and the basic concepts can be tailored and applied to the development of any process or product - including a biotechnology platform.


SE provides a blueprint for the ideal technical process to develop an effective system: one that delivers the right product. By viewing the system (and its context) as a whole, key SE principles can be carefully selected and applied as appropriate with simple techniques; enabling you to focus efforts, clarify procedures, minimise risk and prove the value of your core technology. Platform First works with you to establish a framework to promote the optimal operation, expansion and innovation of a biotechnology platform.

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